We live in a very creative world and there are so many things that amazes us. It is much more amazing to see what can be achieved out of acrylic. Bending, cutting, blow molding, UV bonding, engraving, etc forms into a very unique display of craft which can be used to promote and display and sell your products.

The endless possibilities in fabrication of acrylic products are not limited to retail sector. It also has a wide range of products to fit in home & office furnishing.

The availability of various thickness in acrylic gives the flexibility of fabricating different forms and sizes using Redefine Advertising staff’s skills for finishing.

Fabricated acrylic stands can be used for various promotional and product displays. It gives a unique definition to your product thus creating a brand identity.

Redefine Advertising offers designing services customized to your product. Customized stands help you in market penetration through POS (Point of Sale) & POP (Point of Purchase).

You can also choose from a huge range of ready made display items for genetic usage.

Our team consists of highly talented acrylic fabricators, welders and finishers. They have got experience that can beat any talent in the industry.

Once fabricated and finished, the displays are carefully packed in bubble wrap and boxing to support fragility.