Welcome to our website. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Redefine Advertising today comprises of four Broad groups – Publishing, Advertising, Events, New Media & Convergence.

We have entered new markets, launched innovative new products and are building a strong onshore business to complement our historical franchise.

We hope you will find the Information here relevant and useful to you. We are committed to being open and accountable to you, and we actively pursue ways to keep you informed about our activities. Our website is one of the ways we do this.

you want to create eye-catching advertisement concepts or whether you need cost effective advertising solutions – whatever your message, whatever your audience, whatever your timeline, we can support to set your business noticed.

Why Choose US ?

At Redefine, our clients are our focal point and thus we strive to meet their needs with ‘out of the box’ ideas and innovations that will help them get their message across their audience. We provide our clients with various advertising and marketing services that are wrapped up with neat designs and illustrations.; leading them to the successful path of their brand and image establishment.

We’re the agency that can make you Appear, and make sure you correctly Communicate.

Our Tactics

We use a unique system that leads us recognizing the real needs of a client. At the agency, we study the consumer behaviors in the market and understand the features of the brand, our tactic allow us to extensively engage with the product or service that our client is offering.

Creative Approach

Creative team at Redefine Advertising got their own original approach, we focus on what we want to create, and allow ourselves to navigate into uncommon concepts, we build connection between our ideas to create new opportunities and possibilities.

Being creative doesn’t mean we’re not ordered, we are an advertising agency that follows process to bring our best to the clients;

We listen and remain flexible to understand the clients perception and we inspire them to take innovative approaches.

We craft the concept that fits into the market, and make sure we engrave it into the audience brains.

We adopt the idea with keeping the approach clear and consistent, so once the creative environment is set and the ground rules established, we stick to them.

We deliver the right message; This is the most important step, we understand and analyze the message to be sent out to the market. The message should have real and interesting meaning because if the message isn’t clear even the most appealing creative approach wont work.